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We build your websites and mobile apps

We offer an innovative solution that is intended for IT project managers looking for a provider; we advise you due to our expertise of web and mobile development and our intelligent algorithms.

You just have to describe your needs using our dynamic questionnaire, your answers will be analyzed and processed in comparison with our large database and you will get instantly and freely budget estimates, adding to other relevant information (similar projects, the most frequently chosen options, preliminary project specification …). Due to our optimized recommendations, you will be oriented and put in touch with theappropriate providers.

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Vaganet SARL
SIRET : 804 806 446 00014
CNIL : 1958138
8 rue des frères Caudron, 78140 Velizy Villacoublay

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Content Manager : Beyram Belhaj Amor
E-mail (content) : beyram@simple.expert


Hosting service : Microsoft Azure

Contact us on +33 1 84 16 63 94 or email us contact@simple.expert

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