One point of contact

Define your needs and specifications

Soon after you provide your personal details as well as your answers to the smart form, a phone call meeting will be set with one of our project managers to identify your requirements for your website or your mobile app.

Your project manager will then handle and coordinate all the developing aspects as well as the team doing the work.

He will walk you through every step of the implementation on demand. You will be able to assist to everything from the framing to the web/app developing to the design until the very end.

Data Mapping

Once the operational elements of your project take place, we tackle the overall structure and the influential power of each part of it.This is an important step since it allows the use of the website/mobile app to be optimal. It is why we take it into consideration since the project’s launch. We analyze the influential power of each service or element and determine the best way to present it.

Keep in mind that your project’s success is important to us. That’s why we offer our artificial intelligence and our patented technology in the process.

Tracing and Maintenance

When the project is finalized and operational, you can still consult your point of contact for information or to ask for changes related to the project’s use. We also take care of its maintenance to make sure it stays updated.

We take our commitment to your business’s success very seriously.

If you need a website or a mobile app, don’t hesitate to rely on us!