Our technology, optimized to instantly calculate the quote of any project, is patented since 2015; thus making it pioneer in the computer services sector. It represents a mediator between the client’s’ interface and the algorithms behind cost estimations.

Taking into account a comprehensible and accessible client-interaction in a form of multiple choices questions, the algorithms collect the key information of the developing project and analyze them; a compilation of coalesced data is then formed and integrated in a database of hundreds of project drafts with pre-estimated quotes.

When identifying the similarities between the client’s project and the drafts stored in the database, relevance indicators are set to deduct the cost estimation of each element of the project.

The client gets an average cost estimation of his project from the first question answered. The further the client progresses in the smartform, the more reduced the estimated range becomes and the more precise the quote is.

To resume, the technology we use guarantees a complete transparency in the pricing of our computer services since it is solely estimated based on artificial intelligence.

Our technology offers another convenience; since the database contains an exhaustive list of project drafts, many elements and functionalities that are already  operational can be adapted and slightly modified for the client’s project.

The cost as well as the duration of the project’s implementation can therefore be reduced.