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How can i get a budget estimate for my project ?

You intend to carry out an IT project and want a cost estimate before starting. Simple.Expert provides an automated estimate of the budget from the online description of your project. Our method is based on analogy reasoning, where each project is compared to all previous ones; calculating the difference between all projects to estimate their respective degrees of similarity and deduce the average budget that can be expected for such a project.

The data is collected from many sources including other platforms (and will be enriched as and by our own data). The criteria are the project type, technology, features, options, and the site or application’s content.

Our method also takes into account the impact of supply and demand; indeed, some features are less frequent which may influence the price (that’s why we take into consideration the frequency of a given feature among the set of all projects). You can know in what interval your IT project ranges, thanks to a dynamic real time estimation!!

NB: This remains an indicative estimate, there is neither commitment nor a contract price. The goal is to help you approximate the cost of your project.

How to write my project’s specifications ?

To start a new IT project, you will need at one time or another, to prepare a detailed document setting out for each of the contracting parties (client and provider) the contours of the deliverable. Rather than let the client (you) write a description of the project that may not be specific enough, detailed enough or miss important information … we take care of all of this by asking you to simply respond to a set of well-chosen questions based on each category of projects; these answers form the first version of your future specifications.

This description includes the nature of your project: a website or a mobile app, the technologies, features and options included. It allows the service provider (Simple.Expert) to have immediately a document containing a specific description of the project. It also allows you to have a resume of what you requested.

This document does not replace the final, more formal, specifications document, but can be used for guidance or/and as a working document.