Tips on developing mobile app games:

Mobile games are perhaps one of the biggest money makers in the app market. More and more mobile users are logging into the app store regularly and downloading top games because of their easy accessibility. The competition in the app market is relatively steep and there are many different applications that compete with others in the marketplace because of the types of services that they can offer. The vast majority of mobile game maps do feature some type of micro-payment and a fair portion of the apps in the app market don’t see many regular players at all. Here are some tips on how you can build the next hot mobile game and retain your players.

Your game should have a simple concept: Any successful app has a fairly simple concept that can be picked up within just a few seconds. Think of apps like Angry Birds that almost anyone can play. It’s this type of playability and simplicity that people crave inapt designs.

Focus on visuals: developing a polished user interface and user experience is crucial for any app designer especially a game designer. It can take time to polish animations and create a user interface that’s easy to navigate and play. A fast loading user interface that’s highly compatible is also a big element to success.

Developing experiences that make the player continue: a large number of apps get deleted within the first few minutes that they are downloaded. You need to establish a type of gameplay that makes players want to continue playing your mobile app. Whether it’s some type of reinforcement message or well-planned out strategy that showcases plenty of fun gameplay for the future, there has to be something to keep players playing. Focus on building a great plot and a sense of urgency that will make players want to continue to see the story unfold or keep playing the games.

Consider some of these top elements if you are going to be building the next hot mobile app game.

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