Case studies


We present in this section a series of practical case studies to illustrate the functioning of Simple.Expert and give you an overview of the results you can expect using our solution. After the example of Zara, e-commerce website; we focus this week on a showcase site for a real estate agency, Century21.

An attractive website

Therefore, let’s visit this website which presents a real estate network that includes hundreds of agencies and offices worldwide. The website offers a presentation of the company, its agencies network, its actuality; the sections “Sell”, “Buy”, “Rent” allow the users to directly access the agency’s services by searching through the advertisements or by filing their own, by connecting to their personal account they can directly manage their offer or request, respond to messages, change the announcement, etc.

showcase website

With a map to localize the agencies and the houses addresses, a catalog of the offers and a customer area quite rich, such a site is the perfect showcase for any company wishing to attract new customers. Here is an estimation of the website’s cost, obtained within few minutes via the estimator of Simple.Expert!

Century21 by Simple.Expert

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