Mobile app development cost: which estimation?

The mobile app world has managed to acquire more and more exposure in the online world and because of that there’s quite a lot of competition. That’s why you need to figure out how you create a good app and one of the steps that will help you here is to figure out the mobile app development cost as fast as possible. Here are a few things that might raise the development costs!


Based on the app genre, you will see that the mobile app development cost can raise quite a lot, which means that you need to understand your niche first before you start entering a specific genre. Niches can be very lucrative and offer a good ROI, but they can also lead to large costs. You have to see how much an app costs in your specific industry before starting to create a new one.

The amount of features

As you can expect, the number of features you add in an app or game will definitely raise the mobile app development cost significantly. You need to focus quite a lot on the type of features you want to integrate and remember that you should try to see what features you really need and which ones are actually suitable for your business. Removing the clutter will actually save you money, so keep a good and smaller list of features that actually work instead of adding in too much. The same goes for games, because the more complex a game is the more expensive it will be.


If you choose to expand to multiple platforms, then you can end up with larger costs. In fact, the mobile app development cost can raise up to 30% or even more if you expand to multiple platforms, but as you can expect this means a lot more exposure and in the end it can raise better profits. On the other hand, cross-platform custom app development requires great software expertise in both coding and integration so you will need to hire professional help that will also raise the costs.



The design of the app can also raise the costs significantly to be honest. Since many persons focus on visuals and their quality when they choose a game for example, it’s understandable why the mobile app development cost can be higher if the design team needs to spend more time on creating a refined and visually catchy interface. It will take some time to begin with, but the outcome can be truly pleasing in the end and that’s what matters the most.

In the end, the mobile app development cost is the consequence of many factors’ interaction and everything from the design to cross platform compatibility can make the app more expensive. See what features you want integrated in your app, remove the clutter and opt for a design that’s well within the reach of your budget, then you can rest assured that the end result will be a great one!

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