How much does mobile app development cost?

Creating a mobile app is not only rewarding, it’s also very fulfilling but there are situations in which designing and publishing an app can also be frustrating. You need to make sure that you can estimate the mobile app development cost before you start though, because depending on the development time and features that you want implemented into your app, the process can be very costly.
So, how much is the mobile app development cost? Honestly, this does depend on a variety of factors. You need to first understand how many people are going to work on the app, because the larger the team is the more expensive the app development cost will be in the first place.
You also have to create a roadmap as this will show you how you want to implement the features and you will also get the opportunity to see how long the development process will actually be. Of course, each development process is unique and it does take quite a lot of time, yet figuring out the duration is the best way you access the results you want.

A mobile app for which industry?

Then there’s the industry to which the application is dedicated. Some industries require the integration of quite a lot of features in their apps, such as industrial mobile apps for example. They require engineers with a lot of experience in this sector and continual testing, not to mention that the apps can definitely be very expensive to begin with. On the other hand, a simple calculator app will cost a lot less. Then you have games, which are a little expensive based on the visuals, the engine you use, the music you create and how long the game is.

Critera of cost estimation

Yes, there are quite a lot of criteria types that you need to keep in mind when you estimate the budget of your mobile app development and while some of them might not seem costly in the first place, when you add these costs up you will get a good understanding of how much you need to pay!
The complexity of the app will also play a role here. Normal, small apps will cost an average of $5000-$6000, whereas a more complex app (such as the industrial one we mentioned above) can cost up to $50000 or sometimes even more than that. And if you want to find out the mobile app development cost for a game, this can be anywhere from $10000 to $20000.
As you can expect these are only estimates as it can be very hard to know the exact price without knowing the specifics of each app in particular. Still, this is a pretty good way of understanding how much mobile app development costs in the first place so you should definitely check out the complexity and all the features you have in the app. If you want to keep the costs low, remove features but if you don’t care about that and want to create the best possible app which is feature rich, then you need to have a good starting budget and be ready for possible additional needs.



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