Case studies


To illustrate the functioning of Simple.Expert and have an overview of the results you can expect using our solution, what better than a practical case? We begin a set of real case studies in this section where users can see how to simulate then carry out their future IT projects.

Let’s start with examples of existing sites to which we applied the Simple.Expert method. The first case is that of the famous brand of ready to wear clothes by Zara.

E-commerce Website

It is an e-commerce website, offering the ability to view the product catalog and buy online. This brand is present in several countries, customers choose the country they want to place their order from and the language of navigation; they then have access to a large number of products by category, age, collection, item type, etc. After adding their selected products to their shopping cart, they sign in (or register if it is their first time on the website) to be able to finalize the order. The choice of mode of delivery and payment allows them to definitively validate the order.

e-commerce website

Modern, efficient, easy and intuitive to use, possession of such a site should be the goal of any business wishing to start selling online. Here is an estimation of the website’s cost, obtained within few minutes via the estimator of Simple.Expert!

Zara by Simple.Expert

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