Case studies


We present in this section a series of practical case studies to illustrate the functioning of Simple.Expert and give you an overview of the results you can expect using our solution. We studied two websites, e-commerce and showcase; and now we focus on mobile applications.

Food mobile application

Here is a mobile app allowing to buy a meal using a smartphone. It’s an Android mobile app offered by the famous fast food McDonald’s. It can be used to command a meal online, pay the order with the smartphone and obtain a QR code that would be used to collect the order in the nearest restaurant. The application provides all the needed information about the restaurants (location, itinerary, timetable…) and the meals (menus, prices, composition…).

McDo mobile app

If you want to have a similar mobile app but don’t know how much it could cost you are in the right place. Here is an estimation of the website’s cost, obtained within few minutes via the estimator of Simple.Expert!

McDonald's by Simple.Expert

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